Main objective is strengthening MU institutional capacity in ICT Services and Infrastructure in order to attain and maintain excellency in; teaching and learning, research and academic development, community engagement and partnership, and governance and administration of the university.

The P2 project is organised around seven Intermediate Results (IR) namely: Management information system (MIS) adopted and more efficiently used.


  • Multimedia contents services unit operational.
  • Adoption and utilization of e-resources increased within the university and beyond.
  • Sustainability of information services ensured.
  • Strengthened capacity for teaching and learning through adoption of Micro-learning technology.

Teachers Trained with Digital skills

Implementing ICT4 All Project


  • One (1) computer lab established, fiffy (50) computers and twelve (12) servers installed.
  • Six (6) primary schools trained, 102 teachers trained on Digital skills.
  • ABCD Information Management System, Institutional repository through D-Space installed, e-Resource materials bought.
  • One (1) Masters’ scholarship and one (1) PhD scholarship.

Project Team Members

North Team

North Project Leader:

Prof. Egbert De Smet: University of Antwerp

North Project Team Member’s:

  1. Jan Kennis: Institute for Tropical Medicine (ITG)
  2. Marc Goovaerts: Hasselt University
  3. Rudy Gavaert: Hasselt University

South Team

South Project Leader :

Mr. Edger P. Rutatola: Mzumbe University

South Project Team Member’s :

  1. Dr. Albogast K. Musabila
  2. Ms. Tupokigwe I. Mwalukasa: Mzumbe University
  3. Mr. Bea George: Mzumbe University
  4. Ms. Irene Shubi Isibika: Mzumbe University
  5. Mr. Laurent Patrice
  6. Mr. Charles Kaijage: Mzumbe University
  7. Ms. Elizabeth Sulle: Mzumbe University
  8. Ms. Martina Mariki: Mzumbe University
  9. Ms. Sarah Mwambalaswa: Mzumbe University
  10. Ms. Judith Newa: Mzumbe University
  11. Mr. Bernard Mramba: Mzumbe University
  12. Mr. Mohamed Ghasia: Mzumbe University
  13. Mr. Ramadhani Shemahonge: Mzumbe University
  14. Mr. Deogratus Mwashiuya: Mzumbe University
  15. Mr. Joseph Kiphizi: Mzumbe University