Is a project that aims at Strengthening Institutional capacity in teaching, research and community outreach services.

Project Main Objective:

The overall project objective is to strengthen the capacity of Mzumbe university in developing and providing quality and relevant education programmes, research and community outreach activities that will support the nation’s economic development.

Project Specific Objective:

To develop capacity of the university to offer high quality research and teaching and outreach services


  • Strengthening skills of academic staff in using socially innovative research methods and academic output.
  • Creation of a centre of excellence for socially innovative pedagogy.
  • Strengthening capacity of staffs so as provide the socially innovative outreach services and disseminate research findings.
  • Promote and implement a self-steering learning culture.
  • Promote and implement gender mainstreaming in university core functions.

Project Intermediate Results (IR’S):

  1. Upgraded research capacity .
  2. Upgrade capacities related to teaching and learning.
  3. Upgrade outreach/public service capacity.
  4. Upgrade research project management capacity.


  • 1 PhD successfully defended, Dr. Haruni Machumu.
  • Training on academic writing were conducted resulted to publication of a book. (Accessible Development)
  • 9 Articles published in international peer review journals.
  • 8 Conference contributions.
  • 1 Book chapter.
  • 6 Training workshops for skills development.
  • 1 Training workshops for 25 Secondary Schools English Teachers.
  • Trained in High quality research and academic writing skills .
  • 20 Trained in Postgraduate supervision skills.
  • 38 Trained in curriculum development.
  • 60 Trained i E content development.
  • 59 Trained in Examination setting.
  • 23 Trained in Article editing.

Project Team Members:

North Team:

North Project Leader: 

Chang Zhu :

Vrije Universiteit Brussel

North Project Team Members:

  1. Koen DePryck: Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  2. Tom Vanwing: Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  3. Annelies Verdoolaege: Ghent University
  4. Piet Vandenabeele: KU Leuven
  5. Frederik Questier: Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  6. Patrick Vanderweyden: Focus Up
  7. Mieke Van herreweghe: Ghent University
  8. Francoise De Cupere: Vrije University
  9. Bart Dessein: Ghent University
  10. Lut Lippeveld: CVO De Oranjerie

South Team:

South Project Leader :

Dr. Jennifer Kasanda Sesabo: Mzumbe University

South Project Team Members :

  1. Dr. Romanus Dimoso: Mzumbe University
  2. Dr. Perpetua Joseph Kalimasi: Mzumbe University
  3. Dr. Maria Mkunde Kanigi: Mzumbe University
  4. Dr. Haruni Machumu: Mzumbe University
  5. Mr. Mustapha Almasi: Mzumbe University
  6. Mr. Stephano Nalaila: Mzumbe University
  7. Mr. Edward Noel: Mzumbe University
  8. Mr. Jimmy Kihewele: Mzumbe University