P4 is a project aiming at promoting entrepreneurship and academic way of working is two-fold: community outreach and academic support.

The main overall objective in this project is to contribute to national development by supporting Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) to improve their livelihoods in the value chains of rural economies. In order to achieve the main objective, the project has specific objectives which are divided into two categories: Academic and Developmental Objectives

Academic Objective:

In academic, the project aims at the following specific objectives: 

  1. To develop staff capacity in the area of entrepreneurship.
  2. To promote quality research and outreach programmes in the area of entrepreneurship.

Developmental Objective:

The specific developmental objectives are: 

  1. To develop a model for sustainable rural entrepreneurship.
  2. To disseminate information for development purposes.
  3. To maintain a relevant walk-in information database.
  4. To facilitate SME linkages with development organisations.


Entrepreneurship studies should be innovative and entrepreneurial in their (research) design. We veered away from classical methods, such as written surveys, and went for a proactive method acting upon the situation, thus:

  1. Improving the lives of local entrepreneurs 
  2. Developing project management skills
  3. Providing the PhD students (Nicholaus and Jasinta) with valuable information to write their thesis. As the projects are progressing great lessons surface which should be shared with other entrepreneurs in Africa.

Project Team Members

North Team

North Project Leader :

Prof.Dr.Wim Vanhaverbeke : Hasselt University; ESADE Business School; National University of Singapore

North Project Team Member’s:

  1. Prof. Dr. Stroeken Koenraad : Ghent University
  2. JimCheng : Hasselt University

South Team

South Project Leader :

Dr. Hawa Petro Tundui: Mzumbe University 

South Project Team Member’s :

  1. Dr. Nsubili M. Isaga: Mzumbe University
  2. Dr. Emmanuel Chao: Mzumbe University
  3. Jasinta S.Msamula: Mzumbe University
  4. Nicholaus B. Tutuba: Mzumbe University