The project is about enhancing Good Governance through Community based Activities with the focus on Governance of Social Service Delivery and Natural Resource Management (NRM). It has both an academic and development objective:

Overall development objective:

Is to contribute to the improvement of local governance in the area of social service delivery and NRM.

Academic objective:

Is to increase the quantity and improve the quality of research, education and extension/ outreach services by Mzumbe university(in the area of focus).


Joint south-north research on M&E in education and water sectors conducted in Mzumbe ward which is in line with the MU strategic plan with regard to community outreach as well as the focus of VLIR-UOS.

19 conference presentations (including national & international conferences)

Based on the research, two research reports were produced and reworked into publishable articles.

4 publications in international peer-reviewed journals and 4 book chapters, 10 submissions under review  

Two (2) PhDs are sponsored by the project (one local and another at the University of Antwerp).

1 spin-off project (Mzumbe – IOB going global project) and 4 funding proposals submitted

Methodology workshops for staff organized at Mzumbe.

Increased students’ access to international knowledge on governance-related issues through the addition of books to the library collection.

Data collection of Flemish PhD was facilitated and PhD was defended in October 2016.

Research & outreach grant call sent out and six research & outreach projects selected

9 Flemish master students were twinned with Mzumbe students for master thesis data collection.

3 team members attended short term training to update the content of existing courses and organise new courses at the Institute of Development Studies 

Research findings are disseminated to different audiences and stakeholders in different ways (outreach):

  1. 5 workshops/information dissemination for local stakeholders in water and education sector water
  2. 3 workshops/information dissemination for local citizens
  3. 2 policy briefs & 1 action research leaflet
  4. Presentation at the embassy for water sector donors and exchange during Kigoma seminar
  5. Media coverage during presentation action research, synergy platform and gre@t conference

Project Team Members

North Team

North Project Leader :

Prof. Nathalie Holvoet: University of Antwerp 

North Project Team Member’s:

  1. Katrien Van Aelst : University of Antwerp 
  2. Dr. Els Lecoutere : University of Antwerp 
  3. Dr. Sara Dewachter : University of Antwerp
  4. Patricia Bamanyaki : University of Antwerp
  5. Miet Kuppens: University of Antwerp
  6. Miet Maetens: KU Leuven

South Team

South Project Leader :

Dr. Elizabeth Lulu Genda: Mzumbe University 

South Project Team Member’s :

  1. Mr. Moses J. Ndunguru
  2. Mr. Yona Matekere
  3. Mr. Norbert J. Ngowi 
  4. Dr. Christina Shitima
  5. Dr. Edward Mamkwe 
  6. Dr. Athanas Ngalawa 
  7. Dr. Mursali Millanzi
  8. Dr. Felichesmi Lyakurwa
  9. Dr. Mrisho Mbegu Malipula
  10. Dr. Dominick Muya
  11. Dr. Andrew Mushi
  12. Dr. Theobald Frank Theodory
  13. Dr. Venosa Mushi