Gre@T Programme

Governance and Entrepreneurship Through Education, Access and Technologies For Tanzania


In collaboration with the Belgian funding agency VLIR-UOS, Mzumbe University is implementing a number of capacity-building projects and spin-offs, namely on entrepreneurship and development, on good governance, on e-learning, teaching, and on Information Communication Technologies.

Our Role

~Sharing Minds, Changing Lives


Under the supervision of VLIR-UOS, the GRE@T programme strongly believes in sharing minds for changing lives.Therefore, the GRE@T programme collaborates with various stakeholders in order to build a platform for knowledge sharing and capacity building, stakeholders such as:

  • Mvomero District Council - Tanzania
  • Jimma University - Ethiopia
  • University of the Western Cape - South Africa
  • Jordan University - Tanzania
  • Sokoine University -Tanzania
  • Muslim University -Tanzania
  • Vocational and Educational Training (VETA) - Tanzania

Gre@T Projects



P1 is a project that aims at strengthening institutional capacity in teaching, research and community outreach services.The overall project objective is to strengthen the capacity of Mzumbe University in developing and providing quality and relevant education programmes, research and community outreach activities that will support the nation's economic development.


Improving ICT Infrastructures

P2 main objective is strengthening Mzumbe University institutional capacity in ICT services and infrastructure.

The goal is to attain and maintain excellency; teaching and learning, research and academic development, community engagement and partnership, and governance and administration of Mzumbe University.


Good Governance

P3 project is focusing on enhancing good Governance through Community based Activities with the focus on Governance of Social Service Delivery and Natural Resource Management (NRM).

P3 project has both an Academic objective and Development objective.


Entrepreneur Development

P4 is a project aiming at promoting entrepreneurship and academic way of working is two-fold: community outreach and academic support.
The main overall objective in this project is to contribute to national development by supporting Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) to improve their livelihoods in the value chains of rural economies.


Programme Support Unit (PSU)

P5 has the overall objective of the PSU is to ensure the efficient implementation of the PP and all eight projects, in line with VLIR-UOS and MU rules and regulations.

PSU purpose is to ensure coherence between, support and assistance where needed to the different projects.


Zone-IT Mobile APP

P6 is a Project that builds an Active Student Community Through Digital Innovation. This project is a continuation of a 2013 NSS project.

The result achieved within the framework of the first Zone-it 1.0 project have been quite impressive, both on the level of research output and on the level of app developing and capacity building.



P7 is a project that aims at acquiring and enhancing information and communication technologies (ICT) infrastructure at Mzumbe University so as to adopt ICT virtualization technologies or 'Cloud' in managing information systems, resources and users.
VICT@MU project was implemented in collaboration with P2 and other stakeholders.



P8 is a project that aims at enhancing Information sharing and Digital Inclusion @ Mvomero District Through Establishment of Information Resource Centre, enhancing ICT infrastructure; automating the entire process of information dissemination; improving citizens’ awareness; having an efficient digital storage mechanism for data and information.


Synerg Platform Tanzania - Belgium

The Synergy platform aims to facilitate interaction between the demand for evaluation studies and those who have the capacity to undertake evaluation studies and research (i.e. evaluation supply).

The launch of the Synergy Platform will take place on 21 August 2017
at Mzumbe University Morogoro.